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It's no fun when they designate you to being a pleb or serf while they run around in fancy armour and enchanted swords.

Find a server where you are familiar with the staff and it's easy to roleplay on, but not specifically an RP server.

As opposed to a generic survival server, where you have people who don't know how to roleplay, argue with the rules, spam the chat, powergame, etc. It's totally a matter of personal opinion, mine is that if you decide to roleplay on a non-roleplay server you should be fully aware that you will probably;1. Become caught up with a large group of RP noobs who are solely concerned with being the OP hero. If you find a proper server on which to do it and a good group, roleplay can absolutely be one of the most fun things to do in a game.

Losing yourself in another character and another world where that character's actions and reactions matter to other, real people is amazing fun, and I recommend everybody give it a try at some point.

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I've found some before, but it was incredibly biased towards donors and admins.

love to roleplay and just sit there reading chat because there is a roleplay but, the advertising is very very VERY VERY annoying, and sometimes the girls are so dramatic like, it's a supernatural rp or whatever and they're just like "I'm just here to be a human and hope I date a vampire! we never actually dated.." Then the girl is crying and is all like "HE DUMPED ME!!

" And when they do they're just like "I am in loooooove..." then they think that they can date the person in MC and the boy says no and the girls like "But we dated in the rp!! " and she goes crying to everyone and they all get annoyed and leave.

Seeing that almost every player whats all the attention and makes up some kind of random scene and as well says they are the most powerful. I seriously don't understand how roleplay can be put under a gender stereotype.

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I really do hate RPing but not at times when the RP is hosted by one who has larger expierence in the biz. When I roleplay, I always decide to keep consistent as if newer players join the server they won't be confused later.[The server I played on was Roman Themed and I was a legionnaire]. My fav server has a rp chat and I don't make the roles because then everyone bitched about how they don't like when people make them be a character a even though you could be the mom or the sister or the best friend or something...