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However, the alleged pair only dated for a brief time and eventually split.

Later on, Craig started dating the gorgeous South African actress Charlize Theron.

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Note: This story takes place during the summer of 2006. Lee saw Richard looked miserable and they talked a little bit more privately than before, more like a friend to friend than an officer to his enlisted man. The result of the massacre investigation made the third platoon guys disappointed. Both thought they were getting insane for too long staying in the Nam. What they found and did later become a miserable boomerang that would change their life and mind forever.

There are lots of personal and historical anachronisms, but that's part of what makes it funny. One of my earliest fanfics, so it's really embarrassing. There was just injustice for the related to their third tour of duty limit. Luke and Craig--the aviation guys were best friends, both started to feel bored with the Nam and their decision. Aidan is Luke's best friend and has vowed to stand by his friend no matter what, even though he knows what a jerk his friend can be.

That changes though, when Luke starts dating Dean, sweet, innocent and shy Dean, for Aidan would never forgive himself if he let Luke treat Dean the way he usualy treats his love conquests.

@constancezimmer moments after completing her first day as a director on @unreallifetime - so great, so proud!

A post shared by Craig Bierko (@mrcraigbierko) on Well, it seems he's enjoying his life pretty well and we wish him best wishes for his future endeavors!!Started on December, 1st, 2016, the chapters include three / four months worth of ficlets each.