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Validation and discretion rolled into one neat little package? Cosmo lays it out for everyone to understand: "Instead of asking if you're single or taken, or looking for men or women, Bristlr simply asks if you have a beard.” This English dating site simply shaved off a major part of the competition.Why it’s better than Tinder: Not everyone has a beard and that dramatically decreases the pool of available men who aren’t you, making your chances of finding a match higher.He then heads to Greece, where he takes a look at how extremism is on the rise as a result of these measures.He talks with members from the radical right racist/xenophobe and very violent Golden Dawn, and their mortal enemies..Anarchists, with whom they battle on a regular basis.Morton fails to impress her with his small foreign stature, and thus goes to meet a few of the other local guys who, too, failed to find a girl in what is probably the shittiest pussy market on earth.On top of all this, these single guys who can't even find a chick- likely cause they work blue collar jobs- are expected to care for the elders of both their parents extended families on either side.Created and hosted by VICE founder Shane Smith, the series uses immersionist style of documentary filmmaking to cover various topics from around the world for each episode that were told by its respective correspondent. Investigating the misuse of American taxpayer dollars intended for the reconstruction in Afghanistan; the city of Rio de Janeiro takes extreme measures to remedy its reputation as a drug and murder capital.Thomas goes to the frontline of the battle for a Kurdish state to follow the story of Syria's forgotten ethnic group, the Kurds; rhino horn has been coveted in Eastern medicine for centuries.

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Ok Cupid is a legacy site, along the lines of Facebook—or Myspace when it was still a thing. It’s the kind of complicated technical jargon akin to explaining how anything on Star Trek worked—but I’m be damned if it doesn’t work.

Business Insider reports that an estimated 50 million people use Tinder every month, with over one billion swipes per day. Of the billion swipes happening across the dating platform, there are only 12 million matches—just over one percent, making the rate of success pretty damn low.