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30-Aug-2017 02:10

Iqbal vividly remembers his childhood; ‘young gangster’ days where he sported knives and street bets were a source of daily entertainment.With the persistent insisting of his family, Iqbal was enrolled into the Cathedral School and proved to be an intelligent student.As I read a brief paragraph about the artist my hunger vanished, Iqbal Hussain was the illegitimate son of a courtesan, a dancing girl and the very restaurant I was sitting at was his old home, which was renovated to become a historical site as a tourist attraction.Cuckoo’s Den is not merely a tourist attraction for its delicacies, but it is also a manifestation of the life of Iqbal Hussain, a son of a dancing girl who’s childhood and most of his teenage years were spent on the shady streets of Heera-Mandi; and how his journey from the streets to respectable fame led him to break through societal barriers.

On my very first trip to Lahore in the year 2013, I visited Cuckoo’s Den with no knowledge of the history of the restaurant.Iqbal was well aware his life was not ordinary, especially when he saw the lives of other boys outside his own community.

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