Jake silbermann van hansis dating last episode of sex and the city online

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Van has a guest part in an episode of The CW's Nikita, airing November 4th, 2011.

Van has a guest part in an episode of The Mentalist, airing February 2nd, 2012.

STUFFER won the Silver Palm at the 2011 Mexico International Film Festival STUFFER won the Jury selection for Best Short at the World Fest Houston International Film Festival Jake was on Blazin Ry Radio on October 27, 2010, listen again here Jake starred in an off-Broadway production of Dracula in the role of Jonathan Harker from December 14th, 2010 until January 9th, 2011.

Jake will star in a production of Phaedra Backwards this fall. Jake was in a play called "Derby Day" by Samuel Brett Williams.

Jake starred in the short film Goodnight Elizabeth, watch it here Jake wrote and stars in a short film called Stuffer.

Check out the official website here Jake's film STUFFER won Best Short Film at the Royal Flush Film Festival in Brooklyn on October 17th 2010.

I had my machine set so that recorded automatically anyway.

My partner of nineteen years, my visiting Englishman, loyally watched an episode with me and then gave me a look that said this wasn’t going to be an interest we shared.

Michael Fairman interviewed Van about his Emmy nomination. Van appeared on Buzz Worthy Radio on December 15th 2008. Van's interview starts at about 20 minutes in the show.

Jake has a guest part in the October 30th episode of CBS drama The Good Wife.

Van Hansis was born on September 25, 1981 as Evan Vanfossen Hansis in North Adams, MA, moving to Greenfield MA when he was in the third grade.

Jake Silbermann was born on June 1, 1983 in New York City.

Has a Bachelor of Arts in Theater from Syracuse University where he participated in many productions including Three Sisters, True West and Piñata. To purchase Brunch of the Living Dead, visit the Official Site or get it from

or two decades, I’ve lived between New York City and Oxfordshire, and when in the autumn of 2008 I came back to New York, I got a television for the first time in years.