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ECW Television Champion Chris Jericho vs 2 Cold Scorpio vs Pitbull #2 vs Shane Douglas.This match was historic as this was when Francine turned on the Pitbulls that lead to Shane Douglas literally breaking the neck of Pitbull #1 while this was the first time that a four corners match was contested for a championship in ECW history. - you don't see a lucha match much, and this is pretty cool Low points:1. Ganstas (I think) - Perry Saturn drops so many legs and/or elbows off the top of the cage, that there's no more shock value in doing so.

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His engine drove every bit of saved data to the hot tunnel, thirsting like a greedy magnet.

This was the beginning of RVD's famous & historic reign as Television Champion that lasted about 23 months while we all know that Bigelow was one of the best big men in the business.

Great match with RVD's using his high-flying offense including doing a sick dive into the crowd onto Bigelow not once but twice while Bigelow used his power offense with Sabu making an appearance here. The object to this match was that this was a ladder match with barbed wire being suspended above the ring.

DVD extras include various ECW promos from Steve Austin, Taz & Bill Alfonzo, Eliminators, Stevie Richards, Public Enemy, the Pitbulls & Francine.

In the end, if your an ECW fan or just want to see what the hype was about, this is a good way to start as I highly recommend this DVD.

Of course that you can bring your tents and be non-stop in Festival area.

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